A new chapter for Unabelartistique
For me, the absence of color is not a limitation but rather an opportunity to delve deep into emotions and expression. Through photography, I present a window into my perspective and vision. I set out to capture moments that speak without uttering a single word.


The beginning

My development in monochrome art began during a vacation in the enchanting city of Strasbourg during the summer of 2022. Surrounded by the grandeur of Gothic architecture. I became captivated by the majestic structures and bustling streets. It was during this vacation that I knew instantly that this was a new path I wanted to embark on in my journey as an artist.



New dimensions 

The incorporation of acrylic paint on top of the monochrome prints takes the experience to a new level. It adds another layer of expression, allowing me to infuse my artwork with my individual interpretation of the scene. The paint becomes an extension of my emotions, adding depth and personal touch to the captured moments.